Like The Graphics?


The graphics on this site are copyrighted by Lisa's Country
Clipart and are not available for unauthorized use. You can
however purchase a complete collection of over 8300 different
graphics that Lisa has created on CD.

Here's what you get:

1. Every Graphic Lisa ever created!

2. A total of Over 8300 image files are on this CD-ROM!

3. ALL the Graphics from All the collections I offer for sale,
which I have also listed below, are included:
Country Charm Clip Art Collection 1, 2, 3 and 4
Country Kitchen & Cooking Collection
Holidays, Seasons & Special Occasions Collection
Country School Graphics Collection
Country Backgrounds Collection
Sewing Crafts 'n More Collection
Country Flowers and Garden Collection
Country Animals Collection
Banners2Go Collections 1, 2 and 3
Misc Country Collection

4. All the Graphics you see on my Free Graphics Pages
and on my entire website!

5. A whole lot more graphics that aren't on my website anywhere
or in any other collection are included!

6. Web Graphics in .gif and Printable Graphics in .bmp and .wmf are included!

     7. Purchase of this CD includes your registration to use these graphics for
your personal AND business use.

8. Printable Recipe cards, Shopping Lists, Gift Tags, To-Do Lists,
Bookmarks, Labels, and Desktop Wallpaper are included.

9.A Country Charm Font is included!
 10. A Viewing Program so you can easily
copy/paste, print and browse through the images on the CD!

If you order this collection,
you won't need to order anything else because
You'll Have it All!

This collection is available for only $46 postage paid.

Click Here To Order!